Aug.20,2004 Change the trade name : Sammi Construction Co., Ltd
Jan.12,2004 Acquired an electricity work license (No. 00986)
Jan.07,2004 Acquired an fire equipment work license (No. 2004-01)
June.05,2003 Acquired KS A 9001:2000/ISO 9001:2000 Authentication for Construction and supplementary services of
engineering and architectural works : KQC-0389
Mar.26,2003 Took over Sammi Co., Ltd.
Oct.16,2002 Acquired an industrial facility work license (No. 02-0014)
July.15,2002 Invention Patent No. 0346303 : An instrument to remove nutrients using the fixed bio-film process
Invention Patent No. 0346304 : How to automatically control fenton oxidation for chemical wastewater preparation
June.28,2002 Capital increase : 9,400,000,000 won
Mar.04,2002 Acquired a certificate of commemoration by the Minister of Finance & Economy
Dec.20,2001 Capital increase : 7,000,000,000 won
Aug.18,2001 Invention Patent No. 0305777, Duration : June. 1, 2018
How to operate an instrument to measure toxicity arising from the respiration rate of activated sludge
Aug.18,2001 Invention Patent No. 0236902, Duration : Dec. 27, 2016 High efficiency combined sewage treatment system
Aug.18,2001 Invention Patent No. 0207801, Duration : Sep. 7, 2015
How to manufacture synthetic ceramic microbe carriers for a biological treatment of water air pollutants
Aug.01,2001 Established Environmental Business Division (Minrak-dong, Suyeong-gu)
June.02,2001 Registered an overseas construction business to the Minister of Construction and Transportation (No. 310)
Nov.09,1999 Registered a water pollution preventive facility business to Nakdong River Environmental Administrative Office (No. 131)
Oct.19,1999 Registered a design and construction business for sewage treatment plants, etc to Busan Metropolitan City (No. 210)
Oct.25,1997 Acquired ISO 9002 Authentication (Construction and service of engineering & architectural works) KQC-0369
Oct.15,1997 Changed the representative director: Myeong-kwon, Kim
Mar.31,1997 Changed the representative director : Won-chan, Park
Feb.01,1997 Established Distribution Business Division (Dadae-dong, Saha-gu)
May.02,1996 Transferred the headquarters to 830-74, Beomil - dong, Dong-gu, Busan
June.29,1995 Changed the representative director: from Won-yang, Park to So-gwan, Kim
Mar.20,1995 Changed the trade name : Samrim Construction Co., Ltd.
Mar.01,1995 The headquarters was enrolled in Busan Metropolitan City due to a change of administrative jurisdiction.
Feb.16,1995 Transferred the headquarters : 137-1, Cheonggang-ri, Gijang-eup, Yangsan-gun, South Gyeongsang
province Capital increase : 4,000,000,000 won
Mar.31,1994 Changed the representative director: Chairman : Won-yang, Park, President : So-gwan, Kim
Feb.25,1987 Changed the Busan branch’s address into 830-74, Beomil - dong, Dong-gu, Busan
May.14,1986 Took over Samrim Co., Ltd. (Representative Director : Won-yang, Park)
June.15,1979 Changed the headquarters’ address into 830-74, Beomil - dong, Dong-gu, Busan
July.28,1978 Acquired specialized construction licenses: Earthwork Business Busan 02-24,
Reinforcement Business Busan 10-20, Water and Sewage Busan 13-11
July.10,1978 Established Taean Civil Engineerging (Representative Director : Won-yang, Park)