Oct.2008 Construction work of Geoje Royjen Contry Club
Dec.2007 Reclamation work of Public water surface, Jagalchi, Busan
Nov.2007 Multi-level work of Pungse Railroad Crossing between Chonan and Sojeong-ri of Gueongbu Railway
Oct.2007 Construction work of Ilgwang Country Club
Jul.2007 Extension work of road between Hampyeong IC and Suho-ri
Feb.2007 Construction work of Masan Ocean New Town
Oct.2006 Earthwork of SKY HILL Country Club in Gimhae
Oct.2006 Foundation & Superstructure Works of alternate wharf at Bukbin Lighter's wharf in Busan
May.2006 Road Construction from Euigok Intersection to Busan science regional industrial complex
Dec.2005 Yongho bay water surface reclamation work in Busan
Nov.2005 Improvement work of Flood control project of water system, Man-gyung river
Oct.2005 Installation(expansion) work of sewer [Central processing district]
Feb.2005 Construction of Busan subway line No.3, Section 327, Phase 2
Feb.2005 Reconstruction work of Suyoung bridge No.1
Feb.2005 Construction of shore protection of inner harbor at Pyeongtaek(Asan) harbor, Korea
Sep.2004 Subgrade facility of Gyeongbu high-speed railway, Section 14-3
Apr.2004 Reclamation work of harbor for 2nd Lotte World
Apr.2004 Construction of Busan subway line No.3, Section 325, Phase 2
Mar.2004 Construction work of subway connection passage for ION City, Seomyeon, Busan
Feb.2004 D-project construction of STX Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Jinhae, Korea
Nov.2003 Extension work of Gaya Country Club and access road extension work, Korea
Nov.2003 Private investment facility work of Myeongji bridge, Busan
Jun.2003 Development work of Busan science regional industrial complex
Apr.2003 Selected as a housing developer of Busan Jeonggwan district
Mar.2003 Reservoir installation work in Mauna Ocean Resort
Dec.2002 Access road extension work in Eastern Busan tourist complex (ocean tourist road : 1st Phase)
Dec.2002 Construction of Rear Road of Busan Harbor (Garak I.C. - Sikman Bridge), Section 2
Aug.2002 Gijang sewage treatment plant work
Jul.2002 Sinho regional industrial complex development work(Section 3) by private capitals
Dec.2001 Construction of Busan Subway Line No.2 Extension, Section 3 of Yangsan Line, Korea
Nov.2001 Yeongdo sewage treatment plant work by private capitals
Nov.2001 Construction of Sujeong Mt. Tunnel
Nov.2001 Construction of shipyard of Daedong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Jinhae, Korea
Sep.2001 Public water surface reclamation work in Busan Minrak Wharf by private capitals
May.2000 Golf course construction work for 2002 Asian Games
Apr.2000 Construction of Circumferential Road of Busan Harbor, Section 2
Feb.2000 Expansion work of Gyeongbu Expressway Geumho Section
(from 4 lane to 8 - lane road)
Nov. 1999 Middle-scale agricultural water development business in Gimjeon district
Intercepting sewer work of Jangrim sewage treatment plant
Sep.1999 Removal of Gupo Elevated Road and Expansion of Road
Oct.1998 Daehang harbor breakwater work. Access road work for Busan Dadae Business
July.1998 Daedae public water surface reclamation work
Apr.1998 Access road work in Yangsan golf course
Jan.1998 Hansandaehang wharf extension work
Dec.1997 Construction of National Expressway, Dongdaegu - Gumi, Section 2, Korea
Oct.1997 Minrak-dong public water surface reclamation work
July.1997 Kolon Eomgung Apartment civil engineering work
May.1997 Daewon Apartment civil engineering work
Apr.1997 Kolon Haeundae Apartment civil engineering work
1996 Hapcheon-eup urban planning road work
Nov.1996 Jinro Beach Apartment civil engineering work
Oct.1996 1st Phase engineering work in exclusive industrial water business
Mar.1996 Underwater breakwater work in Busan Minrak-dong reclamation work Access road work in Mandeok 3rd district housing development
Dec.1995 Songjoeng tunnel work in Haeundae new town
Apr.1995 Large enterprise - Dongrae C.Y development work
Land readjustment business in Gimhae Hwalcheon 2nd district
Jan.1995 Sogopo wharf extension work
Dec.1994 Indoor warehouse building work for dangerous objects
Nov.1994 Saryangdaehang wharf extension work
Dec.1993 Gijang Hyundae Apartment access road and its park land development work
Oct.1993 Yeongjin Apartment civil engineering work
Sep.1993 Dangdong-Seodeuk road extension work
Mar.1993 Dongsam 3rd district urban infrastructure work
Aug.1992 Ring road reconstruction work in Bangeojin park
Jul.1992 Scattered small streams installation work
Jun.1992 Danggam sunpark land development and its access road work #5-BAY extension work of Seoil Co., Ltd.
Feb.1992 Jingyo-Seopyo road extension work
Jan.1992 Dongbu wharf extension work
Dec.1991 Dongsam 3rd district land development and its urban infrastructure work
Nov.1991 Haebancheon flood recovery work
Mar.1991 Land readjustment business in Gimhae Hwalcheon 1st district
Dec.1990 Minrak-dong public water surface reclamation work
Dec.1989 Namyang-dong employee house new-construction work
Aug.1989 Green Core Apartment land development work
Dec.1987 154KV Jurye-Eomgung underground pipeline work
Jun.1987 Land readjustment business in Namoe 2nd district
Nov.1986 Jinhae public water surface reclamation work
Nov.1984 Macheon reclamation and banking work
Oct.1983 Tongdosa country club course development work
Dec.1981 Incheon pipeline earthwork and structure work
Mar.1981 Daedong Shipping reclamation and its land adjustment work