With its headquarters in Busan Metropolitan City, Sammi Construction Co., Ltd, which specializes in construction, started from Taean Civil Engineering in 1978. It took over Sammi Construction in 1986 and since then, was reborn as a company with great potential. Taking advantage of in-depth knowledge, time-honored experience in the field and a strong capital base, Our company has received wide recognition for its stability and contribution to the local economy.

With substantial investment, Sammi has channeled its energy into the development of its civil engineering area such as harbor construction, land reclamation construction, stadium construction, golf course construction, expressway construction, sewage treatment plant construction, tunnel construction, etc. As a result of its pains-taking efforts and rich experience, the company received the "Exemplary Taxpayer Award". Furthermore, it also made its name known to the public for its transparent and stable management. In September, 1997, it acquired ISO authentication which is an international standard. Keeping abreast with globalization in the future, it will invest its time and energy in technology development.

Management strategies of Sammi formulated for its growth focus on creating a perfect harmony between people, environment and technology for the improvement of its employees’ well-being, while making a contribution to the local community. Sammi aims to implement humanism and emphasizes the importance of people and nature.
Sammi is an environment-friendly company.