Feb.2009 Construction work of Haman gymnasium
Mar.2008 Construction work of 1-2 area Apartment for Residential Environment improvement, Shincheon, Daegu
Feb.2008 Construction work of Toyoko inn building, Seomyeon, Busan
Dec.2007 Construction work of National Physical Training Center and City Library, Yangsan
Nov.2007 Construction work of Naeri B-1BL Apartment, Busan
Nov.2007 Construction work of Seojae Apartment,Daegu
Sep.2007 Construction work of Department Store of Real Necessary Articles for Marriage in Beomil-dong, Busan
Aug.2006 Construction of Toyoko Inn building at Busan Railway Station
Jun.2006 Construction of Welfare building of Nexen Tire Co., Ltd.
Mar.2006 Construction of Eumbong factory of Korea Beral Co., Ltd.
Mar.2006 Extension work of factory & Construacion of office building of Korea High Press Co., Ltd.
Dec.2005 Construction of Know Down Center in 4th Pier Incheon harbor
Dec.2005 Extention work of branch factory of Dongyang Industry Co., Ltd.
Jul.2005 Extension work of Mega Mart(extra-large discount store), Namcheon-dong, Busan, Korea
May.2005 Construction of warehouse and annex building of factory of Sammi Co., Ltd., Incheon, Korea
Mar.2005 Construction of Dormitory for Foreign Students at Campus of Pusan University of Foreign Studies
Aug.2004 Construction work of A1 plaza, Seomyeon, Busan
Aug.2004 2005 APEC the 2nd summit conference hall construction project
Apr.2004 Extension work of Onsan factory of Daewoobus Co., Ltd., Korea
Feb.2004 Flood restoration work of Daewoo department store, Masan, Korea
Jun.2003 Warehouse facilities new construction work of Sammi Co., Ltd., Incheon, Korea
Apr.2003 Factory building extension and reconstruction work of Pungsan Co., Ltd.
Nov.2002 Noksan factory extension work of Daewoo International Co., Ltd., Busan
Nov.2002 Architectural work of Minrak park development project, Busan
Sep.2002 New-construction work of dormitory of Pusan University of Foreign Studies
Sep.2001 Construction of Busan Centum venture town
Aug.2001 Factory construction work of Korea High Press Co., Ltd.
Jun.2001 Passenger terminal new construction work of Busan Dadaepo Harbor
Apr.2001 Dadae Mart new-construction work
2000 Gamcheon Harbor public marine products wholesale market work
May.1999 Drain pump plant work in Noksan Industrial Complex(4th construction area)
Apr.1999 Changwon-designated waste treatment plant work
Dec.1998 Woori mutual credit union new-construction work
Aug.1998 NISI Southern office extension work(NISI: National Institute of Scientific Investigation)
Apr.1997 Sammi Metal's 40ton CHB factory extension work
Dec.1996 Extension work of the schoolhouse of Banyeo Elementary School
May.1995 Sammi Changwon process factory extension work
Dec.1994 Hanil mutual credit union building extension work
Aug.1994 Sungchang Company's construction material factory warehouse new-construction work
Feb.1994 Koreaberal 2nd factory work
Jan.1994 Gowon Special Steel factory new-construction work
Dec.1993 Jinheung apartment new-construction work
Commercial and supplementary facilities work in Yangsan Gijang Apartment
Oct.1993 Cheongryong Gisu Tower new-construction work
Aug.1993 Kumho Industry factory new-construction work
Jul.1993 Jangjeon-dong religious facilities new-construction work
Jan.1993 * Yeongjin Housing building new-construction work
* Korea Dongyang Electric’s affiliated building new-construction work
Dec.1992 * Daegwang Textile factory new-construction work
* Commercial building new-construction work in Hanchang Core Apartment
Nov.1992 Lee Gang-Eul Clinic new construction work
Oct.1992 * Maeam-Bungiguktemple new construction work
* Post Office new-construction work in Gimhae Sambang-dong
* Internal-combustion Power new-construction work in Yokji Yeonhwa-dong
Sep.1992 Underground parking lot construction work in Jinhae Telephone Office
Aug.1992 Daedong Shingwan’s Jangrim factory new-construction work
Jul.1992 * Sungshin Industry factory new-construction work
* Heung-A Shipping building new-construction work in Ulsan Maeam-dong
Jun.1992 Hyundai Special Steel factory new-construction work
May.1992 Seoul Dyeing factory new-construction work
Apr.1992 Daeil Leather factory new-construction work
Mar.1992 Samhwa Special Steel factory new-construction work
Jan.1992 Mijin Apartment new-construction work
Dec.1991 Dongbang Industry new-construction work
Nov.1991 Goam Lighthouse installation work
Sep.1991 Yeonhap Machine factory new-construction work
Aug.1991 Daeyang Rubber’s neighborhood facilities new-construction work
Jul.1991 * Namsan Gisu Villa new-construction work. Seoil’s Dadae factory new-construction work
* Crown Hotel remodeling and repair work
Jun.1991 Readjustment of arable land in Gwangsan district
Apr.1991 * Samhwa Industry new-construction work
* Donghyun building new-construction work
* Sammi’s Busan warehouse new-construction work
Feb.1991 Gukbo Bonded Warehouse new-construction work
Dec.1990 * Chungmu Samwonregency new-construction work
* Gukbo Bonded Warehouse new-construction work
* Spa accommodations and neighborhood facilities work
Nov.1990 A-M1 3 buildings new-construction work in Gimhae Jangyu-myeon
Aug.1990 Sungshin Villa Apartment new-construction work
Jun.1990 Jinhae Telephone Office remodeling and repair work
Mar.1990 Yeongdo Gukbo C.F.S new-construction work
Apr.1988 Namseong Mansion new-construction work
May.1987 Koreaberal’s Asan Factory new-construction work
Mar.1986 Shinpyeong Sewing Cooperative new-construction work
Aug.1984 Hwamok Housing new-construction work
Dec.1982 Taewha Shopping new-construction work
Oct.1980 Crown Hotel new-construction work