May.2007 Looc-Odiongan-San Andres RoadConstruction in Romblon, The Philippines
Sep.2014 Terminal and Accessory Buildings for PuertoPrincesa Airport Development Project, The Philippines
Jul.2013 Factory Construction of GBPLEN in the Philippines
Jan.2013 Quelimane Central Hospital Project,Mozambique
Mar.2011 The Establishment of HRD Center in the Philippines
May.2009 Construction of Atlantidas Hospital Project inthe Republic of Honduras
Nov.2008 Construction of Housing Complex in AlGhayathi & Bida Al Mutawa Region in AbuDhabi, UAE
Oct.2008 Construction of Al Jawahiri School in AlMarfa, Western Region, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Jul.2008 Vocational Training Center in Tanzania
Jun.2008 Korea Embassy Building Construction in thePhilippines
Dec.2007 Mini Hydro Power Plant Construction inBekhal, Iraq
Mar.2007 Design-Build Project of Korea-IndonesiaTechnical & Cultural Cooperation Center,Indonesia
Oct.2006 Construction work of Model School and Friendship Hospital, Aceh, Indonesia
Dec.2005 Design-Build Project of Erbil Model School,Iraq
Dec.2005 The Disaster Recovery Project of Erbil, Iraq
Jun.2005 Extention and Improvement Construction ofAlkarama Hospital, Iraq
Apr.2005 Mini Hydro Power Plant Construction in Istalif,Afghanistan
Dec.2004 Construction of Officials TrainingInstitute(Including Educational Equipment),Afghanistan
Jul.2004 Construction of 3 Schools in ParwanState(Including Educational Equipment),Afghanistan
Jul.2004 Dormitory Construction(Including 73 kinds of Education Equipment),Afghanistan
Apr.2004 Afghanistan Vocational Training Center Project
Nov.2003 Afganistan Rural Development Project(Schooland Community Health Center)
Jul.2003 New and Renovation of AVICENA Hospital,Afghanistan